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Epoxy Flooring for Penrith

Want to breathe new life into your concrete surface with epoxy flooring in Penrith? Cobblecrete can help.

Create a smooth, shiny surface that is slip-resistant, impervious to chemicals and oil, and able to mimic authentic marble, stone, granite, and tile. For a timeless and dramatic finish, you can choose from a range of colours, textures, and effects.

Whether residential, commercial, or industrial, a Cobblecrete finish is hard-wearing and designed to last for decades.

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Concrete restoration services

Since 1999, Cobblecrete has been able to give a high-grade finish to concrete surfaces in the private, commercial, industrial, and local council sector.

Using the latest tools and techniques, the team is meticulous about the details, approaching extremely precise tasks with a high degree of care, patience, and craftsmanship. From grinding and preparing the substrate to applying the epoxy resin, every effort is made to deliver the best result.

Concrete restoration services we offer include:

Concrete Polishing

The use of specialist equipment and polishing pads to grind the concrete substrate and achieve a smooth, shiny finish.

Epoxy Flooring

The application of epoxy coating (a mixture of resin and hardeners) to a concrete surface. Helps brighten up the space, add texture, and prevent chemical and oil spills from penetrating the surface. The protective coating makes the surface easier to clean.

Architectural Flooring

Suitable for concrete surfaces under 6mm in thickness. A hard-wearing and decorative layer, one that adds newfound colour and texture to an otherwise plain surface. Available in a variety of special effects.

Spray on Paving

A spray on solution that transforms a plain concrete slab into a beautiful, practical surface. If desired, the layer can mimic the look of stone, slate, brick, and tale. An easy and cost-effective way to strengthen and rejuvenate your flooring.

Concrete Repairs

From hairline cracks and rust stains to delamination, Cobblecrete can perform minor and major concrete repairs.

Damaged concrete, also known as ‘concrete cancer,’ can exhibit a range of symptoms. These include crazing and cracking, bubbling, trapped air (causing the concrete to split into layers), and leaking. Structural factors such as building movement, water pooling, and rust can accelerate concrete cancer.

Using the latest diagnostic tools and equipment, Cobblecrete can identify the symptoms and cure the concrete to an even stronger degree than the original material.

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